Rules & Regulations

  1. No firearm shall be pointed at any person
  2. No person will be permitted to shoot if in the range officers (RO) opinion that person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  3. Each shooting bay is a safety area
  • All firearms must be taken out or replaced in their cases/bags within one of these safety areas. Be aware of where the firearm is pointing at all times. (keep it pointed down range)
  1. All firearms are to be declared safe and clear prior to use by the RO on duty.
  2. No firearm is to be removed from the firing ling until it has been checked and cleared by the RO.
  • Whether it is your firearm or a hire gun, DO NOT remove firearm from the bench until it has been cleared by the RO on duty. If it is a hire gun, then the RO will take charge of it.
  1. Firearms are not to be moved to another shooting bay without asking the RO first.
  • If you are shooting with friends in separate bays, then it is safer for the shooters to change bays then move the guns.
  1. Any firearm not in use on the firing line shall have its action open, magazine out and the barrel shooting down range.
  2. When at the firing line the firearm must always point down range towards the targets.
  • At no time shall the firearm point to the rear, sides, too high or too low about of below the targets. Be aware of the floors, ceilings and walls.
  1. No firearm is to be left unattended
  • If a person needs to leave the range briefly the RO can be asked to take charge of the firearm.
  1. No person shall handle a firearm while any person is forward of the firing line.
  2. Any person has a right to call a ‘cease fire’ if in his/her opinion a dangerous situation exists or is imminent.
  • At the command of ‘cease fire’ all shooters shall immediately cease fire, unload & clear their firearm, then stand back not less than 1 meter from the firing line.
  • New shooters who are still unsure, should hold the firearm safely pointing down range and wait for instructions from the RO. DO NOT turn to see what is happening, wait for instructions.
  1. Any person seeing anything relating to shooting that he/she considers unsafe shall immediately report this to the RO.
  2. Any person creating a dangerous situation and / or handling firearm in a dangerous manner on the range or premise will be required to leave the premises.
  3. Any person using a shooting bay must leave it clean and tidy when they are finished.
  • All empty brass shells must be picked up off the floor and benches and either taken with you or put into the appropriate containers on the range
  • A small hand-held vacuum cleaner is provided for keeping the benches and floors clean of shredded paper from targets
  • Please put any rubbish in the bins provided.