About Gun Mart & Tackle

Hello and welcome to the Gun Mart & Tackle website. Gun Mart & Tackle was founded in the early 1980's with the goal to provide it's customers with not only great products but with even better customer service. At Gun Mart & Tackle we sell all things camping, boating and fishing. Not only do we have our very own indoor shooting range but we also have two large showrooms/shops for all of our products. We are a WA based business located in the heart of midland

Our friendly staff down in the range are fully qualified Range Officers with a passion for firearms. They are able to offer a variety of services for all skill levels as well as qualify and re-qualify your licences and certificates. We also have storage spaces available if you would prefer to keep your firearms in our secure safes. If you would like to come down for a shoot simply book a time slot through our booking form, give us a call or come down and see us.

Our Gun shop has everything you need for a weekend hunting/camping trip. From knives and guns to cleaning equipment, bullets and targets. Not only do we sell products but we also provide our customers with exceptional services. We are able to do repairs on any of your firearms and provide tips and tricks for cleaning your equipment. Come down and have a chat with our experts.

At the Tackle Shop we have all your fishing, boating and camping needs. We have a wide range of bait suppliers delivered fresh and stored in our freezers. Come see one of our friendly staff who are always willing to talk camping, boating and fishing and answer all and any questions you may have. For those professional fishers we have a large variety of reels to choose from as well as fishing rods and fishing accessories.

So, come down to Gun Mart and Tackle, our staff are always up for a chat.

Meet the Founder and Owner.

Hello, I'm Graeme Harris, founder and owner of Gun Mart & Tackle and welcome to my website. I have been in this business for as long as I can remember and am more passionate about it than ever. I have always had a passion for motorbike racing and have won many awards. I decided to make all my dreams come true and use the money i had won motorbike racing to start my very own business. I started the Gun Mart and tackle shop so that more and more people had easy access to all things, camping, boating and fishing. Ever since I was a child the water has been my second home. I made so many great memories with my own family and i have always wanted to share that with others. Now I feel as if I have been very successful by providing all things camping, boating and fishing at a reasonable price so other families can make the most amazing memories, just like I did.

Due to the successful of Gun Mart and Tackle I decided to open Engel World which specialised in Engel fridges and products. I am a proud distributor of Engel and would highly recommend their products.

In my old age I was asked, what motivates me to keep working as hard as I do and its quite simple. I love what I do. I have always and will always love the culture and environment that surrounds fishing and boating. I love seeing families with kids who are so very excited for their camping trip on the weekend. I love knowing that I am contributing to the sustainability of a dying art form. Now a days with all the latest technology people forget to stop and smell the flowers. They are too busy focusing on their technology to get out into the world and live, relax and enjoy the life they've got. I want more and more people to experience the childhood and life that i have, in the outdoors with nature.

So come down and say hi, I'm always here to give a helping hand.



Engel World

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