Demersal Closure Species

Demersal closure species

The take or landing of the following demersal finfish is prohibited within the West Coast Bioregion from 15 October – 15 December (inclusive).

Baldchin groper Choerodon rubescens

Tuskfish Choerodon spp. includes these commonly caught species:

Barramundi cod Cromileptes altivelis

Blue morwong (queen snapper) Nemadactylus valenciennesi

Cods* Family Serranidae includes these commonly caught species:

Also includes:

  • Coral cod
  • Chinese Footballer
  • Barber perch
  • Black rock cod
  • Black banded seaperch
  • Dusktailed groper
  • Flowery cod
  • Frostback cod
  • Hexagon Rockcod
  • Honeycombed cod
  • Longfinned rockcod
  • Large –spotted rockcod
  • Red seaperch
  • Red-lined seaperch
  • Reef cod
  • Six-banded rockcod
  • Spotty seaperch
  • Speckled-fin rockcod
  • Splendid perch
  • Small toothed cod
  • Strawberry rockcod
  • Maori cod
  • Tomato cod
  • Three-lined cod
  • Yellow spotted cod

Coral trout Plectropomus spp. includes these commonly caught species:

Coronation trout Variola louti

Dhufish, West Australian Glaucosoma hebraicum

Emperors and seabream* Family Lethrinidae includes these commonly caught species:

Also includes:

  • Ambon Emperor
  • Black blotched emperor
  • Grass emperor
  • Long-nosed emperor
  • Large-eye bream
  • Longfin emperor
  • Spot cheek emperor
  • Smalltooth emperor
  • Purple headed emperor
  • Variegated emperor
  • Threadfin emperor
  • Thumbprint emperor
  • Orange-striped emperor
  • Humpnose big-eye bream
  • Long-spined snapper
  • Yellowlip emperor
  • Yellow-tailed emperor
  • Naked-headed seabream

Foxfish Bodianus spp. includes:

  • Western foxfish

Pigfish Bodianus spp. includes:

  • Blackspot pigfish

Hapuku Polyprion oxygeneios

Bass groper Polyprion americanus

Trevalla Family Centrolophidae includes:

  • Blue-eyed trevalla
  • Spotted trevalla
  • Warehou

Red snapper Family Berycidae includes:

Pink snapper  Pagrus auratus

Tropical snappers and sea perch* Family Lutjanidae includes these commonly caught species:

Also includes:

  • Black spot sea perch
  • Green jobfish
  • Indian sea perch
  • Ruby snapper
  • Pale snapper
  • Paddletail
  • One spot sea perch
  • Rosy snapper
  • Lunartail sea perch
  • Red bass
  • Rusty jobfish
  • Tang’s snapper
  • Sharptooth job fish

Western blue groper Achoerodus gouldii

*More species exist under these families of species that are found in tropical waters to the north and are rarely captured in the west coast. However, the family classification means they are covered in these groups if they are captured in the west coast bioregion during the closure.

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